The lights suddenly the lights go out and you hear the loud sound of a gunshot. When the light comes back on there is a dead man lying on the floor close to you. Looking around you see some very unsavory characters. One of them must be the murderer, but which one is it?

This may sound like a movie, but in fact, it is nothing of the sort. You are part of an exciting murder mystery party game.

Murder Mystery Dinner Parties and events have become a popular entertainment choice for team building events, private parties or for anyone looking for a unique experience to offer their guests.

Murder mystery games have been very popular throughout the world for the past 2 decades. Recently, there has been a huge growth of interest for murder mystery events in Cape Town.

Our company is the pioneer and have been facilitating murder mystery dinner parties, murder mystery events and murder mystery scripted games in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban for the past 7 years.  In fact, we have even performed murder mystery events as fundraising events.

Different companies offer various ways of running and facilitating Murder Mystery Games. The way we as VirtuoSA run our events is what is called Interactive murder mystery games.

Other operators offer a murder mystery where solving the murder is the sole purpose of the game. Our events are not strictly scripted. In VirtuoSA, the characters receive detailed backgrounds, which describe their fictional relationships with other characters at the event. These other characters have secrets of their own, which may have nothing to do with the murder that occurs. Participants take on their character’s persona.

Once the murder has happened, the characters they learn details of the crime through evidence, eavesdropping, and questioning other characters. Some of our themes include fake money, which can be used for buying information, blackmailing, and other devious schemes. All of this leads to extensive social interaction which adds to the effectiveness of the event.

Most of our murder mystery themes are based upon South African storyline’s and locations and across different timelines. We offer a turn-key solution that includes costumes and props. There is nothing that you would need to do except arrive at the location, which VirtuoSA can also assist with. We have a network of a wide variety of murder mystery friendly venues in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban.


Our murder mystery dinner party games are ideal home entertainment. They provide drama, theatre, arts and entertainment. We have more than 30 different themes’ available as do-it-yourself kits or as a fully facilitated event (including props, costumes and professional facilitators). Great for birthday parties, theme parties and other special events such as New Year’s Eve. Excellent party ice breakers. They can also be a unique gift. These party games are fun for everyone!

  • Caravan Park Calamity

    The Green Acres Caravan Park is hosting their annual Braai Festival and this year the event promises not to disappoint. The festival is known in the community to attract the more dubious members of society, with brawls and felonious acts abounding. This gathering is a disaster just waiting to happen.

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  • Reunion Gone Bad

    After 25 years, the Charles P Homicide High School Reunion has once again come around. What will it hold? So much time has gone past, so much has happened. The time is now ripe to reunite with those old school friends or enemies and find out what everyone has been up to over the years.

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  • Matric Dance Mayhem and Murder

    60’s theme of Love and Peace – Maybe not A dance filled with big hair, tie-dye and murder

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Murder Mystery dinner party games are perfect for

Social Parties

Social Parties

All types of parties – see our mysteries for details on all our kits (eg dinner parties, birthday parties, theme parties, cocktail parties, friend and family gatherings,  adult parties, anniversary parties, beach parties, block parties)

All Girls/Boys Party

All Girls/Boys Party

All girl murder mystery party – All girl parties like hen’s nights, bridal showers, baby showers, and bachelorette parties. All boy murder mystery party like boy birthday parties.

Special Events

Special Events

Murder mystery games for special events like Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

Children and Teenagers Party

Children and Teenagers Party

Children’s and teenagers’ murder mystery party are great for Children’s and teenager’s parties, theme parties and school activities.


  • Become an actor/actress

    Mystery party games are often the only opportunity that people get to become an actor and pretend to be someone else. And you also get to solve the murder mystery – and with our kits this is achievable although not an easy task. Generally, one or two people work out who did it at each party.

  • Lively and fun

    Parties can be so boring and predictable, but mystery parties are always lively and fun. Even if you use the same mystery party, you will find that with different guests you will be amazed at how different the mystery party can be. People are so creative in terms of costumes and in terms of how they depict a character. They really bring it to life.

  • Diversity

    We provide both murder mysteries and mysteries (not murders). Many Christians and families prefer the mysteries (not murders). However, even these are not easy to solve and that is why the same kit can be used by adults and children alike.

  • Dress up

    Mystery parties allow you to wear clothes you wouldn’t normally get a chance to wear. For example, you can dress in period wear or as a person from another country or time. And it is also an opportunity for creativity as you can create your own costume if you prefer rather than hiring a costume.

  • Dramatic event

    Mystery parties allow you to be dramatic and to accuse your dearest friends of amazing crimes. How often do you get to have that sort of fun? Now is the chance.