No matter if you’re from London, Amsterdam, Australia’s Gold Coast, France, Italy, Florida, Munchen or Spain, if you enjoy the beach and the ocean you’re heading to the right place. There’s no doubt about it, the Cape Town has some of the most spectacular white sand beaches in the world. Cape Town is a sun seeker’s paradise, a South African destination to come and have fun in the sun. From Millionaire’s beaches to secluded beaches of unspoilt nature.

In summer, the popularity of our beaches proves it! It’s not uncommon for us locals to head off to the beach directly after work to soak up the sun, play some beach volley ball or catch some surf. Let’s just say that’s the way we Capetonians are, we love it, and the northern provinces envy us for that! Because we have such a large choice of beaches everyone has a place to just soak up some sun and enjoy beach sports.

Have you ever imagined being in a Mediterranean summer climate while everyone else in the Northern hemisphere are freezing? Well down here in South Africa, YOU CAN DO JUST THAT!

Whether you travel up our East or West coast you’ll find seemingly endless stretches of white sandy beaches stretching to the horizon. Blue and turquoise seas where the whales, dolphins, and even penguins come to play in the surf. So what are you waiting for? Get your plane ticket   go book your accommodation, check out the weather on our main page and head South when winter arrives in the North!

The Cape offers (“epic”) fantastic waves for surfing and body boarding. Enjoy wave jumping, kite surfing or any other water sports you fancy along our stretched-out coastline.

Come soak up the African sun this summer. Pursue your pleasure, vitality, health and happiness… what are you waiting for…pack and get on the jet.