Caravan Park Calamity

The Green Acres Caravan Park is hosting their annual Braai Festival and this year the event promises not to disappoint. The festival is known in the community to attract the more dubious members of society, with brawls and felonious acts abounding. This gathering is a disaster just waiting to happen.

Copious amounts of beer and other booze as well as free food will be available, attracting many of the more rude and crude community members. Formal attire is out the window, while slippers, slops and stained vests are in. Everybody knows everybody, and the plot thickens, as those with grudges mix and mingle. Someone is about to crack, while another is going to break, permanently.

Who would commit such a crime? The Gun Fanatic who enjoys the great outdoors, who hunts game, yet ‘accidently’ shoots people. Could it be the rough and tough trucker, who’s here one day and gone the next? The parolee who is only looking to start afresh and would do anything to stay out of jail.

As you progress through the night, you will have to prove your innocence, while trying to work out which one of the good-for nothing neighbors committed the terrible crime.

Caravan Park Owner

Her husband has mysteriously disappeared, and she is now running the park. She really doesn’t want the attention and cops a murder would bring.


He loves motorcycles and always has a grease smudge somewhere on his clothes. He likes to live large, fast cars, women, and he knows how to get what he wants.

Security Guard

His police career went south and can now only get a job as a rent-a-cop. He likes to throw his weight around the place, makes sure everybody knows who’s in charge. He is a regular at the bar at night.

Caravan Resident

Her husband is a convicted felon serving time, while she lives in their caravan. She has been seen having a few too many gentleman callers. Unfortunately, her dealings also lean towards the illegal kind.


A parolee, he has no choice but to move in with his mom until he can find a job, which s not as easy as it sounds.


Mother to now parolee, she doesn’t mind her son coming to live with her for a while. But he is doing more than job hunting and his foolish behavior is wearing her patience thin.


No-one really  knows much about him.

Gun Fanatic

Seems to shoot more people than game.