Parents often have trouble finding new and interesting party games for children’s and teen parties. We have put this children’s party ideas page together to assist parents (and children!) to add a variety of fun games into their children’s parties.

If you need to break the ice at a children’s party, there are lots of party games you can play. This is especially useful if there are children who don’t know each other. There are some children’s party ice-breakers on this page, but for further ice-breakers, see Ice-breaker party games.

Murder Mystery party games

Our mystery kits have been used around the world at hundreds of parties and been enjoyed by thousands of children. Mystery party games are an excellent choice for a kid’s birthday mainly since they involve all the children at the party.

Jigsaw frenzy party game     

Here is a jigsaw party game you may like to play at a children’s party.

Divide the children into two or more groups depending on how many children there are at the party. Have up to six children in each group.

Collect a few simple young children’s jigsaw puzzles so there is at least one per group, and place all the jigsaw pieces, all mixed up, on a large table.

Each group has to find all the pieces for a puzzle and assemble it. Some groups will attempt to do the same puzzle as another group, and so one group must be willing to change. The first group to finish wins.

Alphabet scramble party game            

Here is another little party game you may like to play at a child’s party:

Divide the party in half.

Give each group a large sheet of paper and pens.

Using the alphabet each group needs to find something in the room, or on a person, that starts with each letter. It may be something in someone’s pocket or silly things like: a for angle, b for breath etc. Encourage the kids to think laterally. Have a time limit and when time is up, have each group read out their list. If a group gets more than one word against a letter it gets more points. The best list wins.

Chinese whispers party game

This children’s party game has been around for centuries, but it’s still a winner!

Have everyone stand in a circle. The first child whispers a short story (about two sentences long) to the person next to them, who in turn whispers it to the next person and so on around the circle. No-one can repeat the story if their recipient didn’t hear it properly. The last person says what they believe the story is out loud, and the original story teller gives the original rendition.