Death Ahoy Murder Mystery

Alee Ballast, the cruise director on the ship Sunset Voyager, had develop her own method of handling passengers. She had started from the bottom of the ranks and worked her way up to the top, now she is the ‘go to’ girl to get things done. The past few years she has been responsible for keeping the passengers happy, as they explored all that the luxury cruise ship had to offer.

Since she was so well-loved, it seems strange that her dead body was found one morning, hidden away close to one of the lifeboats on deck 4. First impressions indicated that her death was a dreadful accident, she slipped or tripped over something lying on the deck.

After more investigation, new discoveries came to light, leading to the conclusion that Ballast was in fact murdered by somebody. Who would have wanted to kill one of the cruise ships most valuable members? Everybody on board new about the stories of Alee’s adventurous escapades, from Bridgetown to San Juan. Many of these stories, if true, would make anybody blush.

She mingled with the rich and famous on board the Sunset Voyager and could have written a book about her experiences, describing the truth and reality of living and working on board a luxury cruise liner.

Any official investigation about Ballast’s death would have too wait until the ship reached port. For now, a select few investigators have been chosen to provide a basic picture of what could have happened. To find out who would want to turn a regular cruise into the ship of death.

List of Suspects:

Toni Coast – travel agent for those looking for a more exotic cruise experience

It is always important to get to know people in the cruise business, Alee and Toni got along famously. Why would there be reason to think this had changed?

Rachel Berry – Professional speaker as well as cruise enthusiast

Rachel was one of Ballast’s most important customers, but lately was complaining about the high prices for the arranged programs aboard the ship.

Anne Bonny – Designer of fine jewelry

She is always searching for that rare acquisition, even if it means using every method available.

Charlotte Burn – Real Estate mogul and millionaire

She is the best at what she does, earning high commissions each year. She disembarks at each port of call roaming around, looking for that next big deal and investment.

Benjamin Jack – loves to gamble and collect poker chips

He has been winning a bit too much in the ship’s casino, could he be cheating? Many of the other passenger definitely think so!