Death and Cabernet Murder Mystery

The following Murder Mystery Dinner or Event can be facilitated at any venue in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town or throughout South Africa.

The Murder Mystery Activity is usually run with 8 of the participants being given their character’s information before the event. The host or event organiser decides upon who will play what role and gives out the relevant information. The rest of the participants try and solve the crime as detectives. This format is most definitely not cast in stone, as on numerous occasions the designated role players have not prepared or read through their information. In these instances we improvise and the event is still a lot of fun and interactive.

Death and Cabernet Murder Mystery Event. 

A grand affair was taking place at the Legrand Vineyards, situated in the beautiful Hidden Valley. Many people, all dressed for the occasion were mingling around tables nibbling on exotic cheeses and drinking wine. The event was being held to applaud the wineries tenth anniversary, and the Owner Legrand. Louis Legrand was reveling in the task of pouring his exquisite full-bodied Legrand Cabernet. The wine that has been exploding with flavor and texture in the mouths of wine enthusiasts all over the world.

The winery had over the past couple of years built up a reputation and has been offering only the best quality wines on the market. Even though the company has become popular with many, Legrand unfortunately, has built a rather less than perfect reputation, making a lot more enemies than friends.

The event included members of the public amongst others, many in the crowd supported Legrand. But there were also those critics who were more than willing to express their opinions on Legrand’s’   dubious businesses practices.  Legrand scorned his critics and casually ignored their disapproving words. To his detriment he also ignored his own dark thoughts, that someone was out there, intent on ending his rule as the master of the cabernet.

As the evening progressed and the crowd started to disperse, Legrand said his thanks and goodbyes to those leaving, insisting he stay behind to close. Unfortunately for Mr. Legrand, he never made it out the door, his dead body was found sprawled out at the bottom of the stairs that led to the wine cellars.

Someone thought to put a stop to the rising master of cabernet and to bring the wineries reputation into question.

The Suspects are:

Alain Gauthier – Wine master

He perfected the process that produced the world-renowned wines, unfortunately the frugal Louis had a sharp eye on Alain.

Adele Legrand – the only child of Louis

Even though they did not see eye to eye when it came to running the winery, Adele came home to the Valley to help her father run the business.

Jack Jones – Owns the JJ-Mart Stores

Guess where the perfect location for the next JJ-Mega store would be, exactly where the winery is now.

Valentina Rosa – Writes for Smooth Wine Magazine

Her refined palate can either make or break a new vintage

Walker Green – Owns Green Vineyards

He had his suspicions that Louis was employing underhand practices to gain a large following in the cabernet marketplace.

Sarah Muller – manager of the souvenir shop

The shop sells the Legrand wines and other gifts to visitors

Robert Hall – Manager of the hotel

His hotel is very popular and well-known in the Valley, the Legrand cabernet is a gift to all guests

Nina Wood – Lawyer

She is ambitious and hates to lose and currently has been doing a lot of research into the Legrand Winery.