Death day Celebrations

Death day Celebrations Murder Mystery can be run as a standalone team building activity, as part of a conference, year-end function, birthday party, social event or even as a fund raiser.

Virtua SA Entertainment Services has a wide variety of different themed Murder Mystery Games and Scripts to suit any occasion for any number of people. We have theme’s customised to South African locations and international themes.

The Murder Mystery Event can be facilitated at any venue in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town or throughout South Africa.

The Murder Mystery is usually run with between 6 – 12 of the participants being given their character’s information before the event. The host or event organiser decides upon who will play what role and gives out the relevant information. The rest of the participants participate as detectives. The structure of the event is completely flexible based upon your specific requirements.

Death day Celebrations

Bob Cakes is celebrating his 50th birthday and he has gone to extremes to make the day a memorable and lavish one. The happy event is being held at the top of the tallest building in the city. The Penthouse suite is large and filled with the latest in, well, everything. To add to the opulence, there are stylish birthday decorations and food all around. Gathered within the penthouse are many famous and elite guests, chatting and enjoying the party.

Bob has a bit of a murky past and seems to be part of every deal and happening that occurs within New City. This success and elevated status breeds jealousy and animosity as well as revenge. Reaching this level of prominence may be due to helping make some careers and of course destroying others. Many of these business dealings has led Bob to make enemies over the years.

The party is in full swing, as the guest enjoy their food, drink and spectacular views over the city. These happy people represent the cream of the crop, the rich, the famous and everybody who is somebody. Are all these guest friends of Bob? He would like to think so as he gazes over the gathering and festivities.

Everybody at the party is gathered together to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and to have a look at the fantastic cake being wheeled out. Bob stands impassively as the throng sings their song, he takes a deep breath and blows, extinguishing the candles on the masterpiece of a cake. Just as Bob finishes blowing, there is a loud explosion that fills the room. Once the confusion abates and the room becomes clear, Bob is found lying very still on the floor, not far from where he had just been standing. Somebody calls the paramedics, but upon arrival, finds Bob dead.

What was minutes before a day for celebrating life, has turned into a place of death instead. Who and why would anybody do such a horrific thing so publicly. Only those with sharp eyes and cunning minds can detangle this mystery of murder and expose the audacious murderer.

The suspects are:

Belinda Cakes – Cake’s younger wife and beauty queen

Gregor Ramstay – Famous chef

The food and pastries are preferred by Bob Cakes

Edward Toms – Millionaire and Energy Magnate

He is foremost in his field in finding and developing new ways to generate power.

Molly Parkens – Famous Country and Western Singer

She started off as a waitress and is now a renowned singer with fame and fortune.

Mary Sharps – tennis player

She is also a promoter for a well-known brand of health food

Robert Blast – He is the mayor of New City

Somebody who makes sure everybody is brought over to his way of thinking.

Matthew Sandberg – Resourceful technology entrepreneur

He is the one who developed FaceTime, which has become the most popular social networking service in the world.

Anton Diary – Poker player playing on a professional level

He has a reputation for bad sportsmanship, with his temper problem, using scaring tactics to gain the upper hand.

Kaley Tins – Wellness Aficionado

Fitness instructor to the rich and famous, her amazing fitness regime has earned her fame and fortune.

Hetty Hobbler – Gossip columnist for the New City Gazette

She has all the dirt on the rich and famous, nothing gets past her. She will not stop until she has her story.