Demise of the Hula Queen Murder Mystery

One of the best and most famous Hula dancers in Hawaii, Alana Kai was a judge at the annual Hula Festival on Wakuku Beach. She was considered to have tremendous talent and was heading towards a most illustrious career. Unfortunately, disaster struck, and Alana’s career ended abruptly a few years back, after she performed a rather vigorous move that left her with a chronic medical condition. She was to never perform as a professional again. Thankfully, the Wakuku Resort and hotel approached her to head the annual Hula Festival.

So, each year, Alana has organized the event, making sure to meet and greet the participants. She also handled the press and made sure she was in the limelight, the centre of the entire festival. This evening was to be another spectacular Hula show, all made possible by Alana. Looking past all the glamour and show, all was not smooth sailing, somebody was not pleased with Alana’s pompous and domineering behavior. As the sun rises on the day of the event, Alana’s dead body is found on the beach that was her stage. This was no natural death, somebody found it necessary to silence Alana permanently.

Who would want to silence the diva of Hula dancers? Was this premeditated murder or by chance a horrible accident? Solving this case would need somebody with great detective skills, somebody who could discover the truth behind the murder.


Lilo Anakoni – Titleholder Hula dancer

One of the best dancers, having won the last few events in a row. She knows how to deal with Alana to stay on her good side.

Moki Kalua – Hawaiian Drummer

All the dancers move and perform to his authentic beat

Sarah Williams – Beginner Hula performer

Born in Rhode Island, but now living permanently in Hawaii, she performs all the traditional moves most excellently. There are many amongst the crowd that think this type of performance should remain amongst the locals.

Mason Door – Owns the Wakuku Resort

With the Hula Festival being held at the Resort, Mason gets to rake in the money each year. If Alana ever decided to move, he would lose out on making a lot of money.

Nana Iona – One of the judges for the competition

For may years Nana has been judging this competition, she has come to know everything about Alana, some things best kept quiet.

Ronnie Gabs – MC of the festival

He sings for the opening ceremony and enthralls the audience with his ‘Our beautiful Hula Girl’ song.

Daisy Stem – Provides the flowers for the festival

Alana always wanted the flowers to be perfect, just the way she was with everything. Many of the arrangements were special requests.

Kyle Barrel – Surfer dude

Many years before, on his journey to discover the perfect wave, he found Wakuku Beach. He enjoys the waves, but with the Hula festival in full swing, he must dodge all the new comers while trying to catch a good wave.