Fairway to murder

Fairway to murder Murder Mystery

Everybody was gathered to watch one of the most exciting golf matches at the Willow Bark Country Club.  Par Mulligan has been on the top of the list in all the tournaments held in the district. He has won award after award and his professional career has been tremendous, nobody can seem to come close to beating him in the game of golf. Of course, along with success comes fame and fortune, a lifestyle of opulence. His game is impeccable and remains unchallenged by all his competitors, except for a certain woman.

Teena Hazard is the women’s regional golf champion and has, on several occasions, challenged Mulligan to a game. If the challenge is accepted, she would prove that Mulligan’s position to keep women out of men’s tournaments is because of fear and that women are just as capable as men.

In a recent interview she expressed her viewpoint on the matter. ‘The game of golf is more brains than brawn’, she said.  She also mentioned, ‘he might be able to get the ball to go further, but I can read a course like no other.’ Mulligan had to eventually accept the challenge, and the date for the match was set in place. The press making the whole affair into a ‘battle of the sexes.’ The players would have to finish an 18-hole round that would determine who would come out on top.

The game was afoot and Mulligan, after 17th hole, was one ahead of Hazard, a close game. Everything went to the bunker quite quickly, after Mulligan collapsed by the 18th hole. Those who rushed in to help, tried to revive him, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Many believed that Mulligan might have had a medical condition that finally caught up with him, but the police were not so sure. After investigation, all the evidence proves it was murder.

Who and why would someone want to knock off this golfing wonder? Those looking for the culprit will have to pull off a hole in one, if they want to catch the killer.


Teena Hazard – Professional women’s golfing champion

She had been wanting to play this match for a very long time, why would she want it to end this way? Now she will never know if she could have won.

Woody Stroke – Mulligan’s Caddie

There have been rumors that they were going separate ways, is this true?

Sandy Iron – Teena’s Caddie

Everyone new of her dislike towards Mulligan, giving her full support to Teena. But why the animosity towards Mulligan?

Tod Wedge – General manager of Mapu Sports Apparel for the past four years

The well-known ‘Zoom’ slogan has always been displayed on Mulligan’s sporting gear. The promotional contract is a lot of money, what happens when it comes to an end?

Lexi Coil – President of the Willow Bark Country Club

Her and Mulligan did not get on well, why is this the case?

Bogey Fair – Greenskeeper

Mulligan was heard to be complaining about the condition of the golf course. He could lose his reputation for having the best kept green in the district, maybe even his job, if Mulligan kept saying bad things.