Gambling with Murder

Fast cars, money and plenty of mystery

“Harry” as he was called by all, was simply an individual that roamed the streets around the gambling halls of Veg Lassa. He appeared to be harmless, just a destitute individual producing a smile or soft laugh to all who passed him by, this is what most people thought about him.

Yet, when his life came to a surprising and abrupt end, no one would have envisaged what would come to light. A speeding limo hit him right in front of the Starling Hotel and Gambling Hall in full view of a group of pretentious businessmen, who could only watch in disbelief.

It was now that all favorable opinions of Harry took a dramatic turn. As soon as the police began with their investigation, they soon found out that outward appearances can be very misleading. It seemed as if Harry was a great deal more than just a harmless street person.

The question soon arose, who was Harry and why did he take on this unkempt cover up? Was there something he was looking for, as he roamed the busy streets night after night? Was his sudden demise a coincidence, or was it a deliberate plan and would the end result have unforeseen consequences?  It was going to take skillful detective work to solve the dilemma and arrive at the correct answer. To expose those responsible and put the criminals behind bars.

Who could have been involved?

Don Pretender – David Bowie rock star stage look- a- like

His immaculate features and dress code made a perfect copy of Bowie

Jay Mans – Nightclub entertainer and singer

She had a successful acting career, but it was very short lived. She was one of Hollywood’s major sex symbols.

Dan Toms – Professional Card Player

He always loved to play when the stakes were at their highest and as such won large sums of money.

Joan Chips – Croupier at the Roulette Table at the Veg Lasas Hotel and Casino.

These dealers, at the gambling tables, deal directly with their clients. they usually know a lot about the players.

Harry Rickson – Owner of Stars Pawn Shop

Harry always finds it very amusing to see what his customers will bring him, all just to get a few bucks so that they can carry on gambling.

Prince Lux – Royal Exotic car rentals

If you have the money, Prince will drive you around and so doing often learns some interesting stories, most of which should not be repeated.