Inside Party Decorations for Murder Mystery Events

Here are some party decoration ideas you may like to try:

Float small candles in water in glass bowls. For variety, color the water with food coloring.

Decorate plain glass tumblers by pasting stars cut out of tissue paper on the outside, and place a short candle inside.

Tie candlesticks with wide gold, silver ribbon.

Clump candles of different sizes in groups on a table.

Sit short candles on a tiered cake stand in amongst pine cones.

Stand a candle in the middle of a dish of seashells.

Use scented candles to give the room a nice soft smell.

Spray pinecones or whole walnuts with gold or silver paint and cluster them around a candle. Tie with a broad ribbon to hold them in place.

Warning: Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep flames away from paper, greens, or other flammable objects. Make sure candles aren’t placed where party-goers will knock them over or brush against them with their clothing. Have a bucket of water handy and a hose.

Other decoration suggestions

Fill the house with a delightful aroma by simmering a pot of water with cinnamon and citrus fruit.

Fill mittens with potpourri, tie with ribbon and hang near the front door for a lovely aroma. These can be given as gifts at the end of the party.

For a dramatic tree decoration make a huge bow out of richly colored wired ribbon and place it on top of the tree. Just make big loops, tie them together with floral wire and allow long lengths to hang down through the tree.