Matinee Murder

Act 2 Scene Murder

Nicole Jones, an Australian actress that has made her name in Hollywood and around the world, was to perform at the Sadye Opera House the previous evening. She was to be the star in Liam Spears new play, The Unexpected Visitor Spears had only recently come back into theatre, as he had been absent from the scene for many years. Nobody knows what prompted his return, but this production was said to be one of his best creations, sure to place him at the top of his field as playwright. The play was said to become a success because he had captured the interest of Nicole Jones, who had accepted the lead role for the production.

Spears was convinced his production would be a hit and that members of the international press would take his story all over the world. Bringing him fame and fortune. The afternoon performance has begun, and Jones is appearing on stage for act two, when suddenly she clutches at her stomach and collapses onto the stage. Of course, everybody is so convinced that this is part of the play that it takes a few moments for the audience to realize that something has gone terribly wrong. There is a flurry of movement and somebody runs up to Jones, only to declare that she is dead!

Who would now dare to seek to replace this beloved actress, to become one of the top actresses in Australia and the world?

Jack Jones – Older brother of Nicole

He is a business tycoon and owner of Alpha Real Estate

Mary Monrow – Spears most recent girlfriend

An American actress who bumped into Spears in New York after her performance at the Royal Theatre.

Tamatha Misty – Non-Fiction Writer

She has been busy writing a book about ‘The world of actresses’ in Australia. Jones was to be interviewed by her, to be a part of the book.

Liam Spears – Playwriter

He has been missing from the theatre scene for over 10 years, before this, he was one of the most talented playwriters in the world. The Unexpected Visitor is his first play after so many years.

Andre Noel – Nicole Jones’s Creative Theatre Agent

He was chosen to represent Jones in America and has offices in Hollywood

Michaela Billings – Famous theatre critic

She is from Australia herself, but relocated to America where she now writes for the Hollywood Tribune.

The Malingee – An unknown stalker of Nicole Jones

This stalker, with an appearance of a frightful night spirit, an Aboriginal legend, would go around telling everybody that the famous actress would soon meet her untimely demise.