Matric Dance Mayhem and Murder

Matric Dance Mayhem and Murder

60’s theme of Love and Peace – Maybe not

A dance filled with big hair, tie-dye and murder

Students at Hang Loose High are nearing the end of their school years and as you can imagine are struggling with grades, hormones and of course, who ranks where on the popularity list. The main question on everybody’s mind; who will be crowned the King and Queen of the dance? Is it going to be the sophisticated class president, who is looking for bigger and better things beyond the school walls?

The cheerleader who has used her charm for more than just a dance queen nomination?

Maybe, it will be the silent and brooding chess captain, who is determined to prove that he is more than just brains.

The night progresses with it’s disco ball lights flashing and music pumping. The time is coming to crown the royal pair, but unfortunately, somebody else’s time is up. All are suspect, from the jock to the class sweetheart, but only one is the culprit. Is it possible to find the elusive offender amongst the big hair and hippies?

Come and join these grooving teens and gnarly chaperones for a night of disco fever, flower power and homicide.

Class President

Over the years he has built a reputation and has always been voted the best at everything. He wants to be Dance King and he will do anything to make sure it happens.


Recently split with the sport jock, does she want him back or could it be a motive for revenge.

Sport Jock

Not caring who he hurts, he makes sure he gets what he wants.

Class Gossip

She knows everything about everybody and is responsible for planning the dance. Everything must go exactly as she wants them to.

Class Sweetheart

Wealthy and beautiful, she knows just how to get things going her way. She usually gets what she wants when she wants it.

Class outsider

For the last time, she won’t be overlooked by her classmates, she will do anything to be noticed.

Chess Captain

He will do almost anything to not be overlooked, again.


Has all the unruly and mischievous behavior of the students become too much?