Murder Mystery Games in Cape Town

We offer a wide variety of murder mystery games in Cape Town. Each of these murder mystery games are based upon different theme’s with the only common thing being that they are based upon being located in Cape Town.

Below is our murder mystery game based upon a golf course in Cape Town. We are able to facilitate this activity at any venue in Cape Town and it is popular at golf clubs and sport clubs.

Here is the storyline together with the characters:

This was the game of all games for the prestigious Cape Town Country Club. For the past 15 years Big George Driver had dominated the competitions around Cape Town. His ability as a top professional resulted in countless awards and a life that most golfers only dream of. Big George Driver’s ability on the tee, fairways and greens where unchallenged by any man – but not so when it came to women.
For the past year, Estelle Eagle the undisputed ladies champion and had repeatedly issued a challenge to Big George Driver . She said she would in the match play format, show that Big George Drivers stance to keep ladies from competing in men’s tournaments was due to fear of loosing.

“Golf is more about brains and finesse than pure brawn,” she repeatedly told the press. With ongoing pressure from all sides, Big George Driver finally agreed to a head-to-head confrontation at the Cape Town Country Club. The big day was set up and a huge hype over the battle of the sexes to settle the matter once and for all was created. It would be a 18 hole game of golf that would go down in the history of the Cape Town Country Club.

In the big match after 17 holes, Big George Driver was up-1 with just the 1 hole to play. That’s when it became dead-even so to speak! As Big George Driver teed up for the 18th hole, a deathly silence fell over the crowd as he collapsed. All the efforts to revive him failed. Initially everyone though he may have had a heart attack, however the police thought otherwise. They confirmed that the evidence pointed toward a murder.

The suspects in the Murder Mystery at the Cape Town Country Club are:

Estelle Eagle- The lady Professional Golfer

She’d had been waiting a long time for this match. Would she really want it to end this way and not beat him fair and square?

Carrymore Bags – Big George Driver’s Long-time Caddie

Where the rumours possibly true. Could Bag’s and Big George Driver really be splitting?

Karrie Klubs – Estelle Eagle ‘s Caddie

She had told everyone that Estelle would win this event. Did she really dislike Big George Driver so much?

Billy Bunter CEO of Rocker Sports Gear

For the past five years, the world-famous Rocker has been a fixture on Big George Driver’s golf bag and clothingr. What would have happened when Big George Driver’s endorsement contract expires?

Mary Bunkers -President of Cape Town Country Club

Big George Driver wasn’t in her good graces. Why would she feel this way?

John Blue -Greenskeeper

Big George Driver kept complaining about the condition of the course. How could he develop a reputation if Big George Driver kept saying bad things about his ability?

Wooden Klubs – Caddie Toten

Klubs’s cousin hasn’t landed a big paycheck yet. How would he do it?

Goerge Bunter – Owner of Kopy Sports

Nemo’s brother and rival used to be his business partner. Why would he be at Cape Town Country Club?

So if you are considering doing a murder mystery game in Cape Town this could be the solution for you.