Mystery and Murder in Vegas

Mystery and Murder in Vegas

Goodbye reality, hello Vegas

One of the largest and most outrageous hotels in Las Vegas, The Golden Key Casino, is hosting one its fabulous parties. Here money flows freely and stakes are high, anything could happen. The guest list to the party is a who’s who of the rich and famous. All in attendance include everybody from popular politicians to glitzy showgirls and Elvis impersonators. Just like the throw of the dice, the evenings events will be a chance they all take.

Who will fall victim this night, who’s secrets will be revealed and who will be exposed as a merciless killer? Be prepared for lies, deceit and manipulation, nobody is who they seem to be. How far will someone go to protect their secrets?

You will have to put on your poker face and get everyone to reveal their cards.

Owner of the Casino

The big shot himself, owner of the biggest and most lavish hotel in Vegas, you don’t want to get on his bad side, it could be deadly.

Wife of Casino Owner

She is a former Miss America, who now controls all the entertainment in the casino. Her new role has exposed her to much more than just glitz and glamour.

Casino Manager

As manager, he is well aware of the downward spiral of the casino profits and this is not because of the everyday running of the casino. Somebody is skimming from the top and she need to find out who, fast before her job is history.


He monitors all the sporting bets placed at the casino, he knows who the winners and losers are.

Card Dealer

He is considered to be an upstanding employee, but is this about to change? Some have seen him loitering in secure areas, could he be the one stealing the casino money or is he on the heels of the real thief.


What secrets does he want kept hidden?

Elvis-Elvis Impersonator

He is known to put some money down, even when he cannot afford to. His tastes are too expensive to keep up.

Lucy Legs-Showgirl

Could she have overheard something she shouldn’t have?