Murder Mystery Party Food Ideas

If you are planning a party, the following party food ideas will get you off to a good start.

Food for Murder Mystery parties

We don’t provide recipes in our kits as there are so many excellent recipes available for free via the internet. Just go to your favourite search engine and enter the type of party food you are looking for (eg Spanish food recipes).

We recommend that you prepare party food that can be put in the oven during the beginning of the party so that you aren’t trapped in the kitchen. For example, lasagne or a roast dinner.

Try and serve dishes at the party that are easy to prepare or get a caterer to help, or ask your guests to bring a plate of food. This is fair as you are providing the mystery party game entertainment.

Put people’s names on their drink glasses so that people don’t keep getting a new glass for each new drink and creating a million glasses to wash!

Train your guests in how to rinse dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

General Party Food Ideas             

We recommend you serve party food to suit your guests. For example, if you are having a children’s party, you should realise that most children only like typical children’s party foods.

You may like to serve cocktail party food such as:

Caviar and crackers (not necessarily expensive caviar)

Vol au vents filled with corn or asparagus and cheese

Spring rolls

Phyllo pastry parcels with spinach and fetta cheese and pine nuts

Spicy chicken wings

Mini pizzas

Hot skewered food

Mini sweet pumpkin pies.

If you would prefer, you can serve a sit-down dinner or have the food in a buffet / smorgasbord arrangement.