Public Events

VirtuoSA Murder Mysteries have been killing people for over 10 years.  We write our own scripts and use professional actors skilled in the art of improvisation.

With our nationwide network of actors, we can cover the whole of South Africa, so you can choose a location and date to suit you.   We offer private parties for small groups at sensible prices, along with events for larger groups.  We also offer public events for 2 or more people to join in with throughout the year.

A Murder Mystery Dinner is a complete evening’s entertainment where you become part of the plot from the moment you walk through the door.  Can you solve the clues, can you identify the murderer, or you the murderer yourself? Watch the fun unfold with the professional actors over a three-course dinner and a glass of wine or two.  Or perhaps you would prefer a Murder Mystery Weekend.  We have two styles where you watch the actors and interrogate them, or for smaller groups up to 30, where you play the characters yourself.  When there’s a murder, it’s one of you who has done it and one of you who has been killed.