Reunion Gone Bad

After 25 years, the Charles P Homicide High School Reunion has once again come around.

What will it hold? So much time has gone passed, so much has happened. The time is now ripe to reunite with those old school friends or enemies and find out what everyone has been up to over the years.

Regrettably, one of these old classmates is planning murder and they are ready to attack. Which one of these old class mates would commit such a crime? Possibly, the class trouble maker who has now become a very successful businessman.

It’s just not impossible, that it could be brightest student in the class, for they will never allow anyone to get the better of them.  We must never ignore the fact that maybe the Class President could also be the culprit even though he is in the running for Mayor of the City.

Unfortunately, there is only one evening left for you to discover the killer and ensure that justice is done. You need to be prepared for an evening where secrets will be revealed and confusion will reign. You will be witness to jealousy and contention, as you try to unravel the mystery that has grown between all these old friends and enemies. In your investigation of this special reunion, you will soon discover that it is not only what these people were in the past, but also what they have become that matters.

This special 25TH Reunion is definitely going to be one that you will never forget.  Hopefully you will survive and be able to tell your story of mystery and murder.

The Class President

He was the President of the Class in 1995 and now stands at the threshold of guiding the City in the year that lies ahead. Is it possible that this future Mayor is hiding something? Something in his past that he does not want anybody to know about?

The Class Vice President

She has always been that type of person, who will stand by you, assist and help no matter what the outcome. However, because she was the Vice President and not the President, she found playing second fiddle just isn’t enough.

The Jock

As most of the students that hold this position, they have a swollen head, he was no exception. He was not only captain of the soccer team, but also of the cricket and rugby teams. He was a celebrity at school and his aim is to remain a celebrity at the 25TH Reunion.

The Cheerleader

Just as all other cheerleaders, she lives under the impression that everyone loves and respects her.

The Pompom Captain

She was the best dancer in the school and today can boast of being selected to represent her country in the world dance championships. But this weekend she intends to liven up the competition between all her old so called enemies.

The Prom Queen

She has retained her beautiful features as well as her large bank account. Her attitude has always been the same, she gets what she wants. At this reunion she will make sure things remain the same.

The Prom King

He is still the same, proud with a better than you attitude. This was always very evident at school and it looks like he wants to make his mark at the reunion as well.

The Class Flirt

It appears that she has not lost any of her charm over the years, as she is flirting with all her old class mates even though she is married with 3 kids.