Rhyme and Murder

Her rhythm and rhymes may be the reason for her demise

This mystery story is taken from actual events that took place in Canada, in a town known as Moose Jaw. Many of the roles depicted in the story reflect actual people who resided in the town. But is this story fact or an urban Legend?

The town of Moose Jaw, during the 1920’s was a place of corruption and depravity, a place where the famous Al Capone ruled the neighborhood, which became known as ‘Little Chicago’. His nickname ‘Scarface’ tells us a lot about the character that was Capone.

In those days liquor was illegal, also known as bootleg liquor, was being bought from certain illicit suppliers and stored below the streets of the town. The liquor was then shipped off to the United States, using the National Railroad in Canada. This was also well-known as the Grand Trunk Railway. Being the ‘big shot’, he was the one heading the whole operation, and everybody reported back to him.

There was one person who could cause some serious damage to reputations, the police chief’s housemaid, Margery Kenny. Margery was one to do a little eavesdropping on occasion and discovered a few gems that could ruin the lives of some very influential people. One day, she was unceremoniously fired and started to wander around town, writing her experiences in rhymes and looking for a job.

On more than one occasion, while visiting the local bar, Madam Happy’s Saloon, she would have a bit too many to drink. This led her to let slip a few of her precious gems; the Mounties present, all to eager to lap up any evidence they could use to help clean up the town.

What could be in store for Margery, singing like a bird for all to hear? Who would want to eliminate this irksome poet? What does her rhyming mean, and would she go as far as to take on the Big man herself, exposing all his criminal activities? Does her rhyming hide some crucial clues, all will soon be made clear?

The number one list of suspects:

Madam Happy – owner of the Madam Happy Saloon

The Big Man himself has an office at the top of the saloon. Her business would be in trouble if the Mounties decided to investigate.

Toni – Second in command besides The Big man

He follows all orders and is the one who sent out to educate those who don’t seem to be playing along.

John Wilson – Police Chief

He makes quite a lot on the side, if he is asked to turn a blind eye to certain things. Did Margery garner some interesting titbits when working for him?

Lin Mun – Leader of the China Women

She is the head of all the Chinese citizens who constructed the railroad. Nobody really wants them around, so they have taken up residence beneath the city, in tunnels.

Will Done – Mayor of Moose Jaw

He wants his city to be free of all crime and corruption, but we all know who really runs the town. Could Margery Kenny really be a problem for him?

Norma Knowes – Assistant to The Big Man

Her job was to arrange everything and considers the job to be the greatest she has ever had. She enjoys being part of the ‘team ‘that really runs the town.