Small Town Murder

Was his greed for gold his undoing?

A group of weather worn locals from the town of Tumbleweed close to North Carolina, are gathering together to pay homage to the very successful prospector Lincoln Skins. He came to town several years back in 1835, as broke as a church mouse.  He had to depend on the kindness of the local town citizens to survive each day.

Finally, he made it big by striking gold and eventually opening his own mine, known as the ‘Wishkey Mine’ (he named the mine while finishing off a bottle). Those important residents of Tumbleweed took it upon themselves to show their respect to old Lincoln, by saying a few words about all he had done for those in the town.

Lincoln himself had a turn, speaking very freely, which is only achieved by having downed a couple of Black Spaniels fine Tennessee whiskey, his favorite.  After he had spoken he politely sat down and slumped over onto the table, dead as a door nail.

The sheriff in town, immediately took charge, rounding up all the suspects and questioning them. Everybody was in shock, who would want to murder old Lincoln Skins. Then there is his mine, would any of these secrets be revealed? The sheriff would have to gather a posse together to be able to decipher this honey-fuggled situation.

Black Jack Gottem – Mayor of Tumbleweed

He is a retired General from the Confederate Army, when the war ended, he decided to move to Tumbleweed to see if could find riches. He can share accurate stories about each battle he was in, and he did so every evening to those who wished to listen.

Bill Jones – Owned the Tumbleweed Bank

Lincoln had plenty of money and pure gold stored up in that bank.

Delilah Petticoat – Town Doctor

Her job is to look after those in Tumbleweed, set bones and handing out medicine. Lincoln was her patient.

Mary Ashen – Popular fiction writer

She has been exploring the region to write about all the characters she came across. Most recently, she has been doing some research and writing about the citizens of Tumbleweed.

Chief ‘Eagles Feather’ – Leader of the Chickpea Tribe

The mine that belonged to Lincoln may be located on a section of the tribe’s land. What would the chief do if he felt Lincoln was taking advantage of him?

Lucy Hawk – Owner of the local saloon

She has been pouring drinks for many years and Lincoln has become one of her best customers. Black Spaniels being his favorite drink.

Pearl Fingers – Famous sharp shooter in the region

She has eyes that could spot an ant sitting on a tree a mile away. Earl Henry owner of the Wild south-west rodeo was looking to hire her. Lincoln was known to have a soft spot for her.

Striker Bellows – Local Blacksmith

He knows his stuff, everyone needing new shoes for their horse always pays a visit to old Bellows. Lincoln bought a mustang called ‘Gold Nugget’ from Bellows.

Tim Hugs – Editor and chief at the Tumbleweed Tribune

Tim has been doing some investigation into the ins and outs of how old Lincoln discovered the gold.

Jane Bonnie – Teacher

Her job is to help educate the children of the town of Tumbleweed in her single-room classroom. On the side, she has been helping Lincoln learn to read and write.