Todays post is about some of the more well know unsolved murder mysteries of all time. 

The Nicole Brown,  Ron Goldman double murder

When Nicole Brown Simpson and her lover were found slain at her LA home, everyone suspected her ex-husband former, the NFL star OJ Simpson. The OJ Simpson trial is one of history’s most highly publicized trials. In the end circumstantial forensics and an ill-fitting glove led to him being found not guilty.  

Bob Crane murder

When Hogan’s Heroes, star Bob Crane, was found bludgeoned in his Arizona home, the police quickly turned to his photographer friend John Henry Carpenter, as their main  suspect. The police even found blood in Carpenter’s car that matched Crane’s blood type. However, insufficient evidence initially led to the case being dropped. The case was however reopened in 1990, and Carpenter went to trial four years later, and he was acquitted. Bob Crane’s killer has never been located. 

Tupac Shakur  and B.I.G murder 

The notorious fierce rivalry between the East Coast and West Coast rappers caused two of their biggest stars to be gunned down. Tupac was shot at a red light on a Las Vegas street,after leaving a Mike Tyson boxing match.  Months later, Christopher Wallace, better known by his stage names “the Notorious B.I.G.” and “Biggie Smalls”, met a similar fate while travelling in California. Due to inconclusive, leads and uncooperative witnesses, law enforcement are stumped. There are some conspiracy theories around the LAPD conduct in these cases.

West Mesa Murders 

A human bone was discovered by a woman walking her dog. The remains of 11 women and an unborn fetus, were retrieved from the Albuquerque New Mexico desert. Many of these women were Hispanic and most were caught up in drugs and prostitution at the time of their disappearances. Three to six years earlier, police linked these serial murders with the area’s nearly State Fair, which drew prostitutes to the area in large numbers, but the crimes remain unsolved.

The Long Island serial killer

The Long Island serial killer a present-day Jack, the Ripper, this unidentified serial killer, is said to have murdered over ten people associated with sex work and dumped them all Along Long Island’s Ocean Parkway, often choosing people who advertise themselves on Craigslist. The murderer may have had ties with police due to his superior knowledge of their procedures. The so-called Gilgo killer has remained nameless since the first victim surfaced in late 2010. 

Jonbenet Ramsey murder


When this six year old pageant Queen went missing the day after Christmas, a ransom demand was made. She was however found dead later that day in the basement of her Colorado home. The authorities immediately suspected her family, but forensics cleared them of involvement. Some believe the case remains unsolved due to shoddy police work, even after a known pedophile admitted to JonBenet’s murder in 2006, he was proven innocent 

Elizabeth Short Murder 

The most striking detail about 22 year-old  gruesome murder, was that her mouth was slashed at either edge, giving the false impression of a wide smile. The media coverage of this murder was sensational and even accused Smart of asking for trouble by dressing and acting provocatively. She became known as the Black Dahlia and her unsolved murder sparked theories, books and films in the years since her death. 

The tylenol poisonings

Chicago was gripped with fear towards the end of 1982, when seven locals died after taking tylenol capsules that were laced with cyanide, While the pills were  being recalled, Johnson and Johnson were applauded for its response to the tragedy. However, even with the support of the government and a huge corporation, the person or people behind the poisonings were never found. 

The Zodiac killings 

Serial killers, thrive on attention and the thrill of getting away with murder. The Zodiac killer began taunting authorities in the 1960s, when a string of similarly murdered victims surfaced in Northern California. They sent letters and cryptic puzzles to police and media, naming himself zodiac and daring them to catch him. While there were suspects, and even a Hollywood movie, the Zodiac killer’s identity still remains a mystery.

Jack the Ripper 

Five prostitutes found with their throats slashed and their abdomens mangled in London’s Whitechapel district caused one of the longest-lasting murder mysteries. Intense worldwide media attention, and letters, purportedly from the offender, led many to believe one serial killer was behind all the deaths. Failure to identify Jack the Ripper was considered disgraceful and resulted in a legend that lives on today. 

The above are all fascinating murder mysteries that remain unresolved to this day.